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Manual Roller Transfer

Mecatriel manual roller transfer is a non-motorized system that allows loads to be transferred to an adjacent conveyor.

This roller transfer can be integrated into a roller conveyor. To do so, each row of transverse rollers replaces two rollers in the conveyor. Pneumatic actuators control the height of the rollers. When in the upper position, the load can be transferred manually. When in the lower position, the rollers move the load in the axis of the conveyor.

Below are our standard specs, which can be adapted to the specific needs of every client.

Nominal width :
48" to 96", 1" increments
Total width :
18" to 84", 2 to 8 sections of rollers
Minimum height :
11 3/4" T.O.R. with adjustment
Charge capacity :
Up to 3000 lbs
Rollers :
1.9", 16 gauge, hexagonal 7/16", commercial bearing
Manual Roller Transfer