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Pusher Unit
Pusher Unit

Pusher Unit

Mecatriel pusher is a system created to transfer charges from one conveyor to another with the help of a pusher-cart.

At a right angle with the conveyor, the cart pushes the load perpendicularly to the line of conveyors. It can transfer the load onto a parallel conveyor or perpendicularly. A 1½ HP motor is used to move the cart.

Pushers can be used in tandem for long loads. They can also be used with a clamp in order to slide the load on a protective piece of cardboard.

Below are our standard specs, which can be adapted to the specific needs of every client.

Nominal width :
36" to 96", 6 " increments
Push length :
Conveyor lenght +10" (-6" to 4"
Total length :
Conveyor lenght +46"
Minimum height :
12" T.O.R. with adjustment
Charge capacity :
Up to 3000 lbs
Speed :
40 to 60 FPM
Pusher Unit