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X Rotating Device

Mecatriel X rotating device is used to rotate small to medium size loads at a low cost, the H table being used for large size loads. It can be used in any position on the conveyor to pivot a charge at 90 degrees. It can also be used between two strapping units to strap loads on two axes.

Before the rotation, the cross is lifted above the rollers by pneumatic actuators to allow its rotation. The cross rotation is controlled either by an operator or with a pneumatic cylinder.

Below are our standard specs, which can be adapted to the specific needs of every client.

X Cross width :
Total width :
60", 72", 84" and 96"
Total length :
96" and 120"
Minimum height :
12" T.O.R. with adjustment
Charge capacity :
3000 lbs
Motor :
1/3 HP à 3/4 HP, 230V/460V/575V, 3 phases
Rollers :
2½", 11 gauge, hexagonal 11/16", commercial bearing
X Rotating Device